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Offroad area with natural obstacles, all of them quite close to each other. I can be considered a high level offroad track.

It has a surface area of 6 hectares and a total of 10km driving distance. It allows our customers to apply, train and develop all kinds of situations, learnt during the theoretical lesson and in Area 1, but on a higher level.

This track contains lots of narrow slopes with different inclination angles, surrounded with trees and rocks.

It is a very dense area. Therefore, it requires offroad driving skills, and vehicle control.

To access it, clients should have received prior training by our instructors.






    • Offroad area
    • Surface area of 6 hectares
    • Natural obstacles
    • Dense forest
    • Slopes with lowering angles
    • Slopes with ascending angles
    • Rock covering on the ground
    • It requires prior training 
    • It requires full concentration
    • Access only for 4wd vehicles
    • Extreme sections
    • Slippery patches

Activities undertaken


    • 4WD courses
    • 4WD training
    • 4WD routes
    • Extreme enduro
    • Trial
    • Orientation
    • Walking orientation 
    • Paint ball
    • Team building

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