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Bassella experiences
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Here is where we let our customer's imagination run free! And our main goal is to fulfill each single item.

Within the event scene, there will never be two experiences exactly alike. Therefore, we always work à la carte, adapting to the individual needs of each project.

Our clients introduce their ideas and we take care of the rest: Localizing a unique space, coordinating all material and services providers, as well as ensuring the smooth running out until the very end. Our customers do not need to worry about anything.

We propose innovative options combining effort and fun, but always keeping in mind the focus or the reason why a specific event is going to happen. For both, companies related to automotive, or from a different segment.

Product releases, press presentations, product tests for clients, road shows, ...

baSSella experiences offers tailored and exclusive events with permanent individual attention.





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Bassella Experiences

Carretera C-14, km. 134
25289 Bassella
(Lleida / Spain)

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