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5 gears that take you


baSSella Method


The Perfect Balance, the harmony between fun and learning

You will go from newbie to offroad expert with a program fully adapted to your level, based 100% in the practical experience.

baSSella Experiences

Where are you now and how much
further would you like to go?

We assess your previous experience and your goal.

We need to know your starting point and how far you want to go in order to prepare a customized proposal, which will allow you to start the path towards your life adventure.

Each single journey with us will lead you further from the asphalt ...

baSSella experiences
baSSella experiences
baSSella Experiences

Each single adventure needs
a first step

Our method is based in the practice, even though there is a short but essential part in the classroom, where we will go from understanding to realizing.

Learning comes to a higher level if we set some pre-established concepts before implementing them.

During this short theoretical session, prior to living your experience, you will discover our “basics”, which are in fact concepts we will be working on during the entire program:

· Traction management, gaining awareness on the situation in all circumstances and grip conditions.
· Rising and falling gradients.
· Side inclination.
· Axle crossing.
· Low grip surfaces.
· Safety manoeuvres.

We will assess your goals, we will meet the rest of the participants and we will discover the details of all activities awaiting us.

As soon as we start the engines, we will be much more aware of what we will be implementing in the practical part. We will be more confident, we will feel much safer, we will obtain better results and we will have more fun.

baSSella Experiences

Step by step
you go farther

First steps will be undertaken in our Area 1. It is in fact a circuit with artificial obstacles, specifically created to discover the first offroad sensations.

Due to the significant learning, which connects the new experiences with the learnt concepts during the briefing, those before mentioned “basics” start to be part of our DNA.

We start to gain experience from the very first minute and, most importantly, having lots of fun. We approach the limits, but always maintaining a margin for safety.

We build confidence with an unfamiliar environment.

baSSella experiences
baSSella experiences
baSSella Experiences

We go from simulation
to reality

Once the basis is clear to us, then we start combining different sessions on the artificial circuit with natural tracks throughout Area 2.

You venture with bigger challenges with greater security and at the same time implementing the basics due to the natural learning (learning by doing). These will remain in your hard disc for the rest of your life.

10 hectares of land consisting of several multilevel tracks.

baSSella Experiences

Ready for
venture forth?

Now you have gained more confidence, you feel safer and you feel keen to keep going forward, to more difficulties and bigger challenges.

You have the basics on your hands. You have learnt by practising and now you are ready for Area 3. Our wider area in the middle of the nature where you will face 100% real challenges.

Over 20km of tracks with all kinds of levels for you to become an offroad EXPERT.

baSSella experiences

Once you have experienced the first steps of the adventure with us.

You are ready for more!


You started your path towards becoming an offroad expert, but kindly remember that practising is the basis to it.


Just practising and facing greater challenges, you will be able to get on the right track to prepare yourself and get ready for your upcoming experiences.


You will be aware about the Perfect Balance and you will be able to move on it searching for your own limits, but always with confidence.


Adventure starts where asphalt ends


Push to start. baSSella experiences


baSSella experiences
Carretera C-14, km. 134
25289 Bassella (Lleida / Spain)


Are you ready to start the path leading you to become an offroad expert?


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