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More than 25 years
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When baSSella experiences was founded, I did not even have a driving license...


It was indeed my father Estanis and my uncle Toni who after an entire life devoted to motor events, decided to come back to their hometown Bassella, now disappeared under Rialb reservoir.

Having lived through experiences such as the Camel Trophy or the Paris Dakar and after organizing races such as the Baja Aragón or the World Rally Championship, they had the initiative (at that time a little ahead) to convert the family's agricultural farm into a center for offroad driving.



I came to the company in 2001, having smelled gasoline throughout my childhood and having competed in all kinds of offroad motorcycle racing (cars would come later).

A diploma in Tourism was the minimum requirement that my parents forced me to meet before I started working in that place where I learned to drive many years before I had a license.

Since then, and for the last 20 years, I have dedicated myself body and soul to caring for and growing this project while at the same time continuing to learn and becoming an offroad expert, step by step. I found the perfect balance that has allowed me to be aware of the situation anywhere and any time, moving as close to the limit as necessary.

I have had the best offroad experiences I could imagine: I was able to run in the Rally Dakar on a motorcycle. I did a podium at the Transiberian rally as an official Porsche driver, ... so dreams for me came true and I have been able to fulfill them thanks to the devotion to motors inherited by my grandfather Mario.

This devotion and passion can be seen in each program and in each proposal we prepare at baSSella experiences. But specially when we are with you in the field, under the rain or covered with dust sharing what we are experts at: create experts in the offroad sector.


Pau Soler
CEO of baSSella experiences


baSSella experiences
Carretera C-14, km. 134
25289 Bassella (Lleida / Spain)


Are you ready to start the path leading you to become an offroad expert?


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